Programs & Speakers

The speakers that provide the programs at our RAM meetings are the foundation for success of RAMS and your active participation!

Craig Perry is leading the Program Committee with gusto.  There are great speakers on the calendar for both the monthly RAM Luncheon and the weekly Coffee Cabinet.  Additionally, the pool of potential speakers has grown.   Thanks for the suggestions that have been compiled by the Speaker Committee, RAM Members that have presented, and RAM members that have suggested speakers…keep them coming.   Suggestions can be emailed to Craig  ( or give him a note at a meeting.

Luncheons & Related Issues

The January Luncheon was a huge success and had quite the draw due to the topic of “50 Years of GPS” presented by our very own RAM, Brad Parkinson.  Stay tuned for another presentation by Brad in May on another interesting topic.  You don’t have to be an Einstein to be able to enjoy this upcoming topic/theory.

There are details regarding the Monthly Luncheons which need some clarification.   We had more people attend in January than made reservations.   Terry Whittaker and crew do a great job, but we are making it a little difficult for them.  The Madonna Inn requires an exact count of lunches to prepare for the event.  They make only that many, so if more show up, there aren’t adequate hot lunches to cover.  Madonna Inn has usually been accommodating, by providing a turkey sandwich for extra attendees.  So the last RAMs served get the sandwich, even if they made a reservation.  Also, only the number of vegetarian meals specifically planned are prepared.  So here are some guidelines for attending RAM Luncheons:

  • Make a reservation, don’t just show up.   Cancellations are possible within the guidelines sent out on the notice.  No shows still have to pay if you haven’t cancelled in time, as RAMS still has to pay the Madonna Inn.
  • If you are bringing a visitor or guest, advise of this when making your reservation.
  • If you want a vegetarian meal, advise of this when making your reservation. 

Your assistance in the matter is greatly appreciated.

January Executive Committee Report Out (1/16/24 meeting)

  1. In the 2023 Member Survey coordinated by Phil Keys, it was clear the members are interested in some New Activity Groups.  Two groups that already have the “green light” are:  Photography Group – lead by Dave Harris and Camping Group – lead by Gordon Mullin.  Contact them if you are interested in participating.   RAM members are welcome to start other new activity groups.   The website has a listing of the activities that members suggested.   How do you get a new activity group going?  Here are guidelines for starting a new RAM Activity Group.
    1. Must be in compliance with the RAM Charter and By-Laws (available on website).
    1. Must have a RAM volunteer leader.
    1. Must be financially independent of the RAM organization.

The RAM Bulletin and RAM meetings are available to as a platform to solicit interest, announce your activities and provide updates.  The existing Activity Groups are a good template for a new group.  If you need additional help getting started, contact Phil Keys (

  • RAM On-Line Calendar:  A Google on-line calendar has been created to have one location where all scheduled events and activities are shown.  A link to the RAM calendar will be added to the website.  Activity Group leaders may provide desired calendar updates to Larry Price (  The calendar for the month will also be made available to those who do not use a computer or smart phone by a hard copy at the meetings and possibly by attachment to the Bulletin.

RAM Bios:   A “RAM Bios” section will be added to the website.  The bios of new members that have been included in the Bulletins will be added to this section so that they can be viewed without having to hunt them down by going through the past Bulletins.  Preparation of a 1-page Bio by veteran RAM members is encouraged.   A bio template will be offered to assist you with putting one together.   Other RAM members are very interested in your personal life history and journey.  Please consider preparing a bio to share with fellow RAM members.