New Members since January 2023

Arthur DeKleine

My name is Herbert Arthur DeKleine. My family always called me “Art”, but when I retired the Social Security office said, “your name is Herbert”. I was born and raised in western Michigan. During the summer months I still farm, with my brother, cherries and chestnuts in MI. I have been active in the California Rare Fruit Growers. I attended Western Michigan University as an undergraduate, and the University of California at Riverside for my graduate studies. I joined the Cal Poly mathematics department in 1974. Getting paid for doing my hobby has been a wonderful opportunity. My areas of interest include applied mathematics, combinatorics, game theory, and voting models.

I am married. My wife’s name is Gloria. We attend the SLO First Presbyterian Church. We have two daughters and five grandchildren.

Rich Niehuser

Rich and his wife Trish moved to San Luis Obispo County in 2018 and currently reside in Los Osos. Rich was born in San Francisco and lived in the Bay Area prior to moving to Los Osos. Rich attended Saint Mary’s College and graduated with a degree in Physics in 1969. His work career involved Environmental

Engineering with an emphasis in Air Pollution Control Systems. Rich also attended law school later in life and became a member of the California Bar practicing Environmental Law and Patent Law. Rich and Trish have three adult children and one grandchild. Rich enjoys gardening and viticulture and has been an amateur wine maker for over 50 years. Rich and Trish are enjoying retirement and exploring the many features of the beautiful Central Coast.

Tom Rost

Tom Rost lives in Topeka, Kansas and Morro Bay, California. He is married and they have five children, nine grandchildren and two great grandchildren. He is a retired United States Marine, retired trial lawyer of 40 years in the courtroom. He is not an engineer but owned one third of a civil engineering firm operating from Fairfield, California to Frankfort, Kentucky and he is not a musician but owned part of a music company that provided live music in hotel lounges throughout the lower 48 states. Tom continues to be actively involved in a farming operation he owns for over 70 years.

Eric Fisher

Eric Fisher was born at New York in 1954 and raised in the Hudson Valley. He served his country in the Peace Corps in Morocco. He majored in philosophy at Princeton and received his doctorate in economics at the University of California at Berkeley. He worked first as an economist for three years at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC. He was an assistant professor at Cornell University, a tenured associate professor at The Ohio State University, and a tenured full professor at Cal Poly. Eric has been married to Kathryn Marshall, whom he met in graduate school, for 31 years. They have lived in San Luis Obispo for sixteen years. Their daughter Jane is a management consultant at Boston, and their son Marshall is a software engineer in the Bay Area. Raised near fabled Eastern trout waters, Eric has caught trout on a fly all over America and in Sweden, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. In the last two years, he walked on a pilgrimage across France and Spain, and he rode his e-bike from the bottom of Manhattan up to the Canadian border. He’s honored to be Inducted into SLO RAM.

Ronald Smith

My wife Lynn and I moved to SLO in December 2019 to join our daughter Cait and her husband Andy. Lynn and I were finishing our tour of duty in Dubai, UAE and decided to retire in SLO to reunite our family. Lynn, Cait and I are originally from Honolulu. Prior to moving to Dubai, we lived in Florida, initially in Orlando and then the Miami area.

I was a career corporate risk manager in the petroleum/marine transport industry (BHP Hawaii) then in the cruise industry (Disney & Royal Caribbean) and finally in the hospitality business (Kerzner International). I earned a BS in Finance from Indiana University and an MBA from Chaminade University of Honolulu. I am an avid tennis player and a long-time waterman – sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving and outrigger canoe paddling.

Lynn and I are proud to share that we are first-time grandparents with the birth of our grandson “Kai” on 12/14/2022. Mom, Dad and baby Kai are all doing well!

Jim Irwin

I graduated from Salinas High School in 1961 and entered Cal Poly in 1961. I majored in Ag Business Management and participated in swimming and wrestling. I joined the US Navy in 1963 for three Westpac Tours to Vietnam. I started working for Air Vol Block Co. in 1971 as a Project Engineer developing new styles of concrete block and methods of production (Allen Block, Concrete Pavers, Split Face Block and Slumpstone). I constructed a cement sacking operation (Quickcrete products and sacked cement) and a rebar fabrication plant.

Retiring from Air Vol Block in 1988 I continued my lifelong traveling adventures with my wife of forty-five years, Janice Guerra, a SLO native. Besides traveling, hobbies include fishing, hunting and golf. I do skiing and scuba diving not so much now! Janice has three great boys as well as my two. Between us we have numerous grand and great-grandchildren. They keep us hopping!

John Goodrich

I was born in Upland, California in August of 1941, was an Eagle Scout, graduated from Stanford University with a BA in Economics, University of Southern California Juris Doctor, and a law degree in Federal Taxation from New York University. Practiced corporate law in Palo Alto in the firm of Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati for 38 years, starting in 1973 at the birth of Silicon Valley. Ran a private corporation in San Jose for five years and “retired” to San Luis Obispo in 2010 to raise avocados. I have 5,000 flight hours as PIC (Pilot in Charge). I and my wife, Janice Odell, also a pilot, enjoy cycling and skiing.

Richard Diel

I was born and raised in Fresno, California. Like most baby boomers I lived the ideal postWWII lifestyle. I served six years in the California Army National Guard while going to school. I graduated from Fresno State in 1970 and obtained my Physical Therapy training at Cal State Long Beach in 1973. I worked in the Long Beach area for two years and moved to Atascadero in 1974 after buying a small Physical Therapy practice. I slowly built a successful business with offices in Atascadero, Paso Robles and King City and retired in 2012 I helped to raise two sons, a stepson, and a stepdaughter. I moved to San Luis Obispo during the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. I am currently active at the SLO Senior Center as a member and volunteer. I am also a limited volunteer with SLO Village. I play bridge four to six times a week both in person and on two different websites. I play one game with my brother, sister, and a friend who all live in different states which is much fun. Other interests are walking five to eight miles a day with my dog, gardening, cooking, movies and reading. I am happy to be a new member of SLO RAM.

Steve Farrow

I’ve been married to my wife Nancy for 58 years and have two married daughters that live in SLO and four grandchildren. We moved to SLO in May of this year having lived in Claremont, CA for the past 46 years. My entire career has been in health care products in sales, marketing, and product development. In 1981 I founded Triad Medical, Inc. which was a sales and distribution company serving hospital and home care/infusion pharmacies with offices in California, New York, Atlanta and Dallas. In addition, we designed and installed equipment for pharmacies in both the hospital and home care/infusion market. I retired in 2017.

David Glidden

My parents moved to the Central Coast when I was one year old. First settling in Shell Beach and then moving into San Luis Obispo just after my 2nd birthday. I attended schools in SLO for my entire youth and graduated from San Luis High School in 1969. We lived here until I was drafted into the Army in 1970. San Luis Obispo was a great deal different then; nothing like it is now. I ended up liking the Army and volunteered for Special Forces while at basic training at Fort Ord, CA. I blame John Wayne for that decision, his movie about the Green Berets got the better of me. A year of intense training and I was a sniper team member deploying to Vietnam for three missions. I survived all my combat tours, unlike the rest of my A Team and returned to North Carolina where the Army agreed that I should attend College at Duke University. They gave me 18 months to complete my degree and I did. I was then sent to Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, NY to be the drill sergeant for the US Army Chaplain’s Basic Training Unit. I was there for 4 years. It was not my favorite job in the Army, but it did allow me to complete my master’s degree in communication and media at Columbia University. Then it was back to the infantry for a few short years. Added Chemical, Nuclear and Biological Weapons to my training at Fort McClellan. And finally, the Army decided that I should use my training as a recruiter. Three years recruiting and then it was time to transfer to the Pentagon to do marketing and budgeting for the Recruiting Command. That’s where I stayed until retirement in 1996. Moved about after the military, tried teaching high school in Maryland, worked as a sales manager for Chesapeake Publishing and finally took my last real job as a Director of Personnel for an Internet start-up in Las Vegas, NV. When the bubble burst on the Internet, I moved back to San Luis Obispo and worked as a handyman for several years until my health issues from the Army caused me to stop working. I am married to the same girl the Army introduced me to in 1971. I have two children and 5 grandchildren. I still live in the house I grew up in and my family has owned it for the past 63 years.

Michael Boudreau

Although I was born in Oklahoma, I’ve lived in California most of my life; Long Beach, Folsom, Terra Bella, Fresno and eventually San Luis obispo in 1999. I am the oldest of five children. My father was a mechanical engineer, my mother a nurse. I earned degrees in mathematics and Industrial Technology. I graduated from college in 1982 and started working full-time in architecture. Ten years later I became a partner in a wonderful mid-size firm in Fresno and shared twelve very productive years. In 1999 I left the partnership and moved to San Luis Obispo. In 2000 I started my journey as a sole practitioner. In September of 2021, I closed my office. I married Lori Phillips forty years ago and we are still together. Lori’s a big part of my success and peace of mind. We have two daughters: both live and work in San Luis Obispo. I enjoy family, friends, the garden, home improvement projects, hikes, music, and all forms of science. I’m looking forward to learning about each of you.

Kevin Rice

I am Colonel Kevin M. Rice (USA, Ret) the son of long time RAM, Robert P. Rice and Jane Carol Rice. In June of 2003. I and my wife Kitty moved to San Luis Obispo after I retired from serving thirty years as an infantry officer in the Army. Kitty and I have twin sons, Ian and Rob, who both graduated from Cal Poly in 2002. We have four beautiful granddaughters. From March, 2004 to February, 2013 I served as the City Manager of Pismo Beach. I was born in Henderson, Nevada. I graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point and was commissioned as an Infantry Officer. I served in the 15th, 21st, and 31st Infantry regiments and commanded the 1st Battalion 50th Infantry. I have been stationed overseas in Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Germany. Additionally, I was stationed for three years at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, China and served as the Army Attaché. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from West Point, a Master of Science from the National War College, and a

Master of Arts from the Naval Postgraduate School. I speak Chinese and am a graduate of the British Ministry of Defense Chinese Language School and also the Defense Language Institute (DLI). I am a past Commandant/ President of DLI. I am an Army Ranger and have also graduated from Army Airborne (Paratroop), and Air Assault School.

Bob Zdenek

I moved to San Luis Obispo with my wife Anne Hoskins full-time in November 2022. We have four adult children. Previously we lived in Oakland and San Francisco and spent many years in Washington D.C. where I led several national non-profit organizations. My interests are travel, reading, hiking, swimming, keyboard, pickleball and tennis. I am a Docent for the Elephant Seals, volunteer weekly for the CAPSLO food program at 40 Prado, lead neighborhood walking tours for San Francisco City Guides and am working to establish a community development entity in Oceano. I work half-time as a community development and non-profit consultant.

David Christopher

I grew up in Amarillo, Texas. I played on the golf team in high school and junior college and graduated from the University of Texas in 1966 with a BA in mathematics. In 1967, Lockheed recruited me to come work in Sunnyvale and I wasted no time hopping into my new red convertible and heading west to the promised land. I worked at Lockheed only a year and a half, but I still have the red convertible. In 1970, I went back to college to get a teaching credential and met my future wife, Janis. In 1971, I started my teaching career as a math teacher and wrestling coach at a small high school near Modesto. Two years later, Janis and I married. We celebrated our 50th anniversary this past May. In 1974, we were both hired by the U.S. Department of Defense Overseas Schools to teach high school in Stuttgart, Germany. During our stay in Germany, I taught all the standard high school history and math classes and competed for a local German wrestling team. We taught in Germany for six years before returning to California. Upon returning, we moved to Los Altos, and I enrolled at Palmer West Chiropractic College. I graduated in 1986. We lived in Visalia, Ca. for 30 years before moving to SLO in 2018. We have two children, both Cal Poly grads, and three grandchildren. We enjoy traveling in our camper van. I try to get in a little serious studying several times a week. I am particularly interested in cosmology and astrophysics.

Cid Busby

I grew up in a military family, my father a Lt. Col in the Air Force and my mother a stay-at-home mom. We lived all over the United States until my father retired in 1982 in Oklahoma. I started college at the University of Oklahoma and in 1989 graduated from California State University Sacramento with a degree in mechanical engineering. After graduation, I was hired by The Boeing Co in Seattle Washington where we lived until 2017 when Boeing moved us to Huntington Beach, California. I retired in the summer of 2022 as the Chief Engineer for the Boeing Commercial airplane programs; 747-8 and Boeing Out of Production fleets. During my 32 years with The Boeing Company, I held multiple positions in management and as an engineer for the majority of new airplane development programs. We also spent a wonderful year on international assignment in Naples, Italy for the 787 program. My wife and I have two children, a son-in-law and a granddaughter. We first fell in love with the Central Coast area in 2012 when our daughter started at CalPoly and decided to move here when we retired. My days are now filled with family, friends, travel, biking, babysitting, hiking, classic car restoration, volunteering, home improvement and maybe even a little consulting (jury still out on this one).

Carl Clemm

I was born in the coal mining town of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania in 1942. My family included two brothers. The three of us all became Eagle Scouts. When planning for college, I was fortunate to receive a nomination to attend the United States Merchant

Marine Academy located in Kings Point, New York. The Merchant Marine Academy was founded in the 1930’s to train young men as ship officers. I graduated from Kings Point in the summer of 1964 and joined my first ship shortly afterwards. This ship, named Cableship Long Lines, was owned by AT&T for laying telephone cable in the Atlantic, Pacific, and the Caribbean. When not laying cable, our ship was stationed in Honolulu. It was there that I met and married my wife, Penny 52 years ago. I continued to serve on the Long Lines for 11 years reaching the position of Chief Engineer. After a few years, AT&T changed management which changed my job. Penny and I decided to move to the Bay Area where Penny’s family lived. Soon after the move, I was hired by a high-tech company (Varian Associates) as Director of Facilities, a position I held for 25 years.

We have 4 children and 11 grandchildren. We moved to San Luis Obispo two years ago to be closer to our daughter and family. My interests are traveling, home improvement, spending time with family and watching Giants Baseball games.

Steve Kennedy

I was born in Minnesota and lived there until moving to Cleveland, Ohio, where I attended middle and high school before heading east for college. After graduating from Bowdoin College and attending graduate school at the University of Massachusetts, I taught biology at a private school in Massachusetts. Five years later, ready for a change, I began a new career as a stockbroker. When I became disillusioned with the commission-driven business, I left that job and started a discount brokerage firm and an investment management company. The two businesses grew rapidly, and I eventually sold them to a regional bank. I ran the growing businesses for the bank, but the bank began having problems with its loan division, so I bought back the investment management business and merged it with another similar company. The demands of the new company left little time for fun, so, in 1997, I stepped down from my CEO position and partially retired. At that time, we moved from Portland, Maine, to San Luis Obispo. I wrapped up my final company responsibilities a few years later. Since then, Carol (my wife and high school girlfriend) and I have enjoyed retirement. During the first ten years, we spent about half our time living in our motorhome, traveling, and doing volunteer work in various federal and state parks. Later, we returned to boating, an early love of mine, and spent the next eight summers living on our boat, mostly on the coast of New England. In the midst of Covid we sold the boat, and we now live in San Luis full time. I regularly hike in the area and spend a great deal of my time trying to keep two old English cars on the road. We have three children (two living on the East Coast and one in Morocco) and six grandchildren.

Jose Luis Flores

My wife, Carole, and I moved to San Luis Obispo five years ago soon after our retirement. However, our first visit here was in 1972 when we spent our first honeymoon night at the Madonna Inn. (We stayed at the Mountain View room. Yes, there’s a story here.) We have three daughters and while raising them in the Encino area of the San Fernando Valley, we often took them to the Central Coast on vacation. It was due to these visits that lured our oldest daughter and her husband to move to San Luis Obispo 11 years ago with their two young children. Our youngest daughter and husband have two children and live in Ventura, and the middle daughter and husband have three children and live in Calabasas. Carole and I are fortunate to be able to often visit our seven grandkids and to attend their school achievements, afterschool sports activities and theater performances.

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, licensed in 1975, but have retired from clinical practice and as an associate professor in clinical psychology with emphasis in marriage and family therapy. Although my practice and instruction was in the San Fernando Valley, I worked as a mental health supervisor and consultant to public mental health agencies throughout the greater Los Angeles region. In addition, I was the administrator of contracts with the State and the LA County in awarding educational stipends to graduate students in the various mental health disciplines. These stipends were intended as a workforce initiative to recruit qualifying students to work in public mental health clinics upon completion of their degree. After the pandemic I have returned to administer current contracts from Southern California counties, including SLO, to address their mental health workforce shortage by awarding stipends to graduate students in social work, family therapy, psychology and psychiatric nursing. I am originally from Southern Arizona and came to Los Angeles in 1967 to attend Loyola University (now, Loyola Marymount University). Although my parents expected me to return to Arizona after finishing my degree, I met Carole, and after our marriage, we made our home in the San Fernando Valley. I am the seventh of ten children from a close-knit family. My extended family now includes 25 nieces and nephews and 32 great nieces and nephews. Carole and I keep in contact with all of them and have created a calendar of everyone’s birth dates. With my six remaining siblings, three over 80 yrs. old, we use the Internet to keep each other updated on family, health and social activities. Now, I will let them know that I have become a RAM.

Ivan Lapidus

My wife Jenny and I relocated to SLO in November 2023. I am grateful that she joined the SLO Newcomers and met Dick Adams which is how I made my way to the RAMs. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I graduated from Cal State Northridge and then attended Loyola University Dental School in Chicago and earned my specialty degree in Periodontics at USC. This was a new field in dentistry, and I was intrigued and expanded my practice to Orofacial pain management. I had a private practice in Westwood for 44 years and in conjunction worked in the Orofacial Pain center at UCLA the entire duration of my practice. Jenny is my childhood sweetheart; we met in 7th grade and recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. Together we raised 3 sons, one of which settled in SLO, so we followed him. We are busy with our grandchildren, and in addition I am a hobbyist. I enjoy silversmithing, classical guitar, reading, staying active with pickleball. walking and going to the gym. I am fortunate to work in my son’s dental office part time limiting my practice to Orofacial pain.

Robert (Bob) Frisz

My wife Merrily and I moved to SLO last April from San Mateo, CA so that we could be closer to our children and their young families. Our combined families have four adult children and eight grandchildren, the youngest being fifteen months old. I was born in Chicago, educated, and married in Illinois. I eventually packed up the family and headed to California in 1982. My career has been in retail advertising, creating print and electronic commercials mainly for Home Centers both here and in Illinois. I retired in 2003 and Merrily and I spent several years trailer camping and serving as camp hosts in California, Oregon, Idaho and Washington. I enjoy woodworking, reading and spending time with the grandkids.

Jerren Jorgensen

Born 9/5/1937 in Sacramento to Maggie and Edward Jorgensen, we spent our early years in Northern California. At the end of WWII Dad returned from the Navy and took the job of coaching at Cal Poly. When we arrived in SLO, I was nine and entered Mrs. McFadden’s 4th  grade class. All I remember was building a miniature mission with adobe bricks made of clay and straw. Until High School; my favorite subject was recess. My main interest was to understand the mysteries of nature. I collected bird eggs, seashells, arrowheads and brought home various critters to study.

This interest in biology led to a degree in zoology from U.C. Berkeley with an interest in PreMed. This was followed by medical school at U.C. Medical School in San Francisco with internship and surgical residency at U.C. affiliated hospitals with one year at Stanford studying hand surgery along with cosmetic surgery. After fourteen years of higher education, I returned to SLO to open my solo practice. I enjoyed a wide general practice dealing with birth defects and turning back some aging changes. From trauma and hand surgery to burn care to breast reconstruction and a growing cosmetic practice, I kept busy.

I retired after an injury left me one-eyed. I was glad to see another colleague come to town to share call. I enjoyed being on various nonprofit boards like the Cancer Society and Red Cross. I was one of the founding members of the Wednesday noon Rotary club and served as president in 2001. One very pleasant job was as the first president of the Mozart Festival Board to help Cliff Swanson and others start the event that has grown from 1971 to the Festival Mosaic today.

I was blessed with wonderful parents, two great talented younger sisters, three incredible children and seven grandchildren that I don’t see often enough because of distances. I enjoy life in the country with my dog, hiking to stay fit, golf to liberate some frustration and fellowship with friends.

Charles (Tad) Miller

Patti and I and our two daughters moved to San Luis Obispo in 1987.

Before coming to Cal Poly. I worked as the director of parts and service for a large Chevrolet dealer and then an RV Center. After that I worked at a Big 8 accounting firm in Phoenix before returning to school to get a PhD. Although we chose Cal Poly for all the wrong reasons, it turned out to be a wonderful 30+ year experience and a fantastic place to raise our daughters.

About ten years ago, a colleague encouraged me to read. I began to read as a way to satisfy my curiosity and have been reading extensively ever since.

Our daughters are grown and married to wonderful young men. Cristie (41) lives in Arlington, VA just outside of Washington DC. Lindsay (38) lives in Costa Mesa.

Charles Neumeyer

I moved to San Luis Obispo in 2020 after retirement from the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory where I served as Chief Engineer. My 40+ year career in advanced technology engineering and management was focused primarily on the development of nuclear fusion energy. My wife Leslie is an artist who works in a variety of media. My interests include reading, hiking, biking, and swimming. We have a son living in Santa Cruz, CA, another in Aspen, CO, and a daughter living in Seattle, WA.

Paul Worsham

Paul is Chairman Emeritus of the Board and Co-Founder of the SLO Veterans Services Collaborative (SVSC). More than 150 government and nongovernment organizations participate in monthly SVSC meetings to coordinate housing, employment, health and family support services needed by local Veterans.

Paul is a Director on the Advisory Board of the Central Coast Vets Center that serves “combat veterans and their families for mental health issues such as the effects of PTSD.” Other veteran advocacy includes Mentor for Veterans Treatment Court, veteran representative to SLO Homeless Services Oversight Council (HSOC), SLO Suicide Prevention Council and SLO Commission on Aging.

Paul’s military experience as a noncommissioned officer in the United States Air Force, included two deployments to Vietnam in 1965-66, providing headquarters radio communications for 1st Air Rescue and Recovery Group and tactical air support for the First Infantry Division.

Paul Bross

I was born in Sharon, Pennsylvania on April 5th, 1939. I am a second generation of my family that immigrated from Slovakia. They were legal immigrants, and they were sponsored by family members that were already here. My parents were the first generation born in this country. Both my father’s and mother’s parents were the immigrants, neither side could speak English. My great grandmother was my caretaker as the whole family worked for a living and were not available for daycare, so I learned Slovak at an early age. (I now speak Slovak and Spanish, but my native language is English).

I began work as a caddy at the age of 11, processed up through other side jobs then I became a member of the 1957 Pennsylvania State Champion (undefeated) basketball team, and graduated in 1958. Wanting more education and not being able to afford college, I joined the Army in 1958 and went to Fort Bliss, Texas in El Paso where I spent 46 weeks in electronic training in the Nike Ajax and Hercules Missile fire control systems. Upon graduation my MOS was filled all around the country, so I extended my enlistment for 6 months more to attend a Nuclear Weapons school at Sandia Base located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There I also met my wife of 63 years Laurie.

My work history includes my military career and then 35 years with AT&T. Then I retired and went to work for Hope Farms winery as tasting room manager. Also during my work career I co-hosted an Outdoor Show in El Paso on KTSM Channel 9, it was called “Sun Country Outdoors” and wrote a weekly

column for the El Paso Herald Post entitled “Where It’s At”. Both were about hunting, fishing, and other outdoor adventures in the local region.

I love to golf, fish, and write. Unfortunately, rheumatoid arthritis has limited my ability to do the golf. My background has many areas of side interests, and they are too many to list here at this time. I would be happy to talk about them if anyone has an interest.

John Hausman

I was raised in Sacramento and spent a lot of my youth in the Boy Scouts (eventually rising to Eagle) and experimenting with electronics.  A high school teacher introduced me to computer programming which set the path for the rest of my career. I attended Cal Poly and earned a degree in Computer Science.    After school, I moved to the Bay Area (Santa Clara) and worked for Tandem Computers (later acquired by HP) for 29 years. After HP, I worked for Oracle for 9 years before retiring in 2023. In 2000, my wife Paula (also from Sacramento and also a Poly grad) and I were looking for small town life for our young family and we relocated back to SLO.  Amazingly I was able to spend the last 23 years of my career as a teleworker.  We have two grown kids. My daughter is a teacher in Sacramento and my son is a civil engineer in SLO.   Aside from working and raising a family, in the past I was active as a member and administrator in both the SLO Bicycle Club and the SLO Sportsmen’s Association.

I have been retired for just 6 months, so I’m still feeling my way around this new life.  I have become active as a volunteer at Woods Humane Society giving the dogs exercise and socialization until they can find their new homes.  After some years away from cycling I recently bought an e-bike and have really enjoyed getting back out on two wheels while letting the “e-” of the e-bike take the bite out of the hills and headwinds.  I have also taken a few trips with my newly found free time and am actively planning more including an eventual goal of visiting all the major league baseball parks.

Leonard Domenic

I am retired engineer from the Aerospace Corporation, having moved to the Central Coast in 2006 from El Segundo, CA. Prior to retiring in 2019, I worked several years at Vandenberg Air Force Base, focusing on Space Launch and Range Safety. I currently make my home in Pismo Beach. Recently widowed from my wife of 54 years, I take enjoyment in watching my children and grandchildren succeed in life.

I have a long career working international programs for commercial industry. Concentrating on delivery of air traffic control and radar systems, I had the opportunity to live, work and travel in several countries, including Morocco, Japan, Thailand, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia to name a few. I have also lived and worked on the East Coast in the Washington-Baltimore area and in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

I am the first to admit that of all those places, nothing can match the Central Coast of California for a multi-faceted retirement lifestyle. We truly live in a unique part of the world. In retirement, I enjoy an active lifestyle having recently traveled to Turkey and Greece. I have been to Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico tracing the areas written about by my favorite author Louis L’Amour. I enjoy hiking, biking, and dog walking, and have the

6 distinction of having bicycled Route 66 at the age of 66.

Richard Wrathall

I was born in the small town of Magna, Utah, approximately 15 miles west of Salt Lake City.  The primary employer in the area was Kennecott Copper Corporation.

After graduation from high school, I entered The University of Utah and also went to work at the copper refinery at Garfield, Utah.  A couple of years after going to work at Kennecott the employees went on strike and I took a job at Western Airlines.

While working at Western I was drafted into the Army in November, 1959.  I was sent to Ft. Ord, California where I served my entire military career being released with the rank of SP5. I returned to the University of Utah and my job at Western Airlines. Upon graduation in 1964 I went to work for the Carnation Company selling consumer products to supermarkets.  In 1969 I transferred from Carnation Company to Reynolds Metals Company continuing to sell consumer products to supermarkets.

I retired from Reynolds Metals in 1999 as District Manager of the Los Angeles District. It was while I worked in the Los Angeles District as a salesman that I became familiar with the Central Coast.  Upon retiring, my wife and I moved from Palos Verdes, California, to Shell Beach, California.

I was at a lecture the other day where the speaker said: “You do not have to die to go to heaven if you live in Pismo Beach.”

During my free time for the last sixty years I have been an avid tennis player, golfer and bicycle rider.

Mark Lyon

I grew up in Buena Park, moving there in 1949. I was 5 years old. I attended Buena Park High school and graduated in 1962. Because I went to summer school I graduated early and went to college. After college I bought my own dump truck, later added five more then became a demolition contractor. I demolished buildings, cleared citrus orchards, and cleared large tracts of land. I was married in 1970. I retired and moved to Monterey in 1994. I was 50. I love travel, bicycle riding and cruises. I have been doing woodwork for thirty years. I build high end furniture, cabinets and anything made of wood. I have a 1200 square foot workshop on my land.

Frank Mullin

Lifelong resident of California. Majored in mathematics at Caltech and the University of Minnesota. First experience with computers in the late 50’s and have been a computer nerd ever since. Worked on large software projects and made extensive use of mathematical programs for solving problems at TRW. Have 4 children and 3 grandchildren (Portland Oregon, Long Beach, and New Hampshire). Moved to Pismo Beach in 1998 from Southern California and believe it was the best decision of my life. Became an active and avid member of the bike

club. Balance problems forced me onto a tricycle 15 years ago, which gained electric assist when I turned 80. My hobbies are biking, walking, reading, and solving math problems. I am an avid user of Project Euler which has published hundreds of problems that have been solved by over a million people in almost every country in the world. Am looking for RAM members to partner with for playing bridge or to collaborate with on solving Project Euler problems.