Larry Price

Happy New Year to all SLORAM Members and their families.   I wish you all the best in 2024.

I think that the 2023 Holiday Gala was a success.  I had several life events going on over the past months, so I appreciate the help from other RAMs and wives.  I heard good reviews of the Gala entertainment, Johns Jazz, from SLORAM members and their guests.  The entertainment search and selection recommendation is credited to Kathy Henderson and Shayla Lever (RAM spouses).  They checked out a number of options and even went to see performances to make sure they would be a good fit for the Gala.  Brad Parkinson provided additional entertainment by reading the Haiku poetry contest submissions and selecting winners.

The Gala attendee reservation process could have been a little smoother, but we made it work.  For 2024, PLEASE use a reservation form to sign up for the event, as this makes it much easier on the event coordinators.  We will figure out a way to make the form easier to obtain and submit.  The other key helpers in putting on the event were John Knox (check collection & Poinsettias), Jim Alquist (name badges), Terry Whittaker (entrée & Madonna coordination), Ken Lann for A/V support (as always), and of course Brad for being the Big RAM & MC.  The Madonna Inn provided a great venue and luncheon.  Your suggestions or comments related to the Gala are welcome and can be submitted to John Knox (2024 Gala chair) and Larry Price.

A BIG welcome to the new officers and directors:

  • John Knox – Little RAM
  • Craig Perry – Program Chair.  This is a lot of work and effort, as I know from being the interim Program Chair since Bob Mott’s retirement from that position (he made it look so easy).   Craig will welcome your submission of speaker/presentation recommend-dations.  We continue to have amazing presentations!

We will miss Brad Parkinson’s leadership as Big RAM for 2023.  He had a busy year of traveling and speaking during the 50-year anniversary of GPS.  Brad is recognized as the “Father of GPS” and will be our featured speaker at the January Luncheon.  We will also continue to enjoy hearing from him as our SLORAM poet laureate whenever possible at monthly Coffee Cabinets and Luncheons.

2023 was a good year in recruiting some new members that are great additions due to their interesting backgrounds.  Thanks to Bob Lever and the Membership subcommittee for their efforts and let’s continue this in 2024.  Sadly, we lose some members each year as they pass on or their health prevents them from continuing to participate.   Family members frequently acknowledge the joy that SLORAM participation brought to their loved one.

I will be working with Phil Keys to move forward on adding some new activity groups as identified in the survey that Phil coordinated in 2023.  We will need to have leaders for these new activities in order to make them work.  This is a great opportunity for members to get involved with an area of interest.  This will also be a great way for new members to either get involved with an activity or become a group leader.

Wishing you an enjoyable year of SLORAM Coffee Cabinets, Luncheons, Activities, friendships and comradery!