Continuing activities. Hiking continues and is available to all – get in shape, see  Tasters have a big event, Tasters Delight, coming up on 4 October 2023.  Please email Gus to confirm attendance.

End of Year. Please nominate your favorite RAM for the annual Meritorious Service Award (in recognition of his leadership and dedication to, and sustained support of, our organization)? Deadline is now! DO IT TODAY! Contact Larry Price.

Holiday Gala  Please see announcement in this issue.  It will be on the 19th of December.  The board explored whether we could do it a week earlier to open up more separation from members trips near Christmas.  It turns out that Madonna Inn is solidly booked for that period, and we are fortunate to have a slot!  Now is the time to organize your 4 or 6-person table. It is always a lot of fun in the Gay 90’s banquet room.

Volunteers.  We always welcome any who can help with our governance and like activities.  Please volunteer.   The Bean rotates every 3 months – volunteer with Alan Henderson.